Times and Seasons


My mum told me she was gisting with her friend and they were both reminiscing about the times they used to go to market to buy Christmas clothes and other things for their children, and how the equation has presently changed: it is the children that now buys Christmas clothes for them. We laughed over it, but one thing struck me: there is a time and season for everything. Seed time and harvest time is one spiritual law that can never go extinct. Therefore, it is very important that we know the times we are in.

1. All the happenings in the world point to the fact that we are in the last days. Christ can come anytime from now. This is not a cliche! How ready are you?

2. Prophecies have gone out for 2016 and one clear message is this: there is a move of the spirit to unite the body of Christ and bring in the lost souls. And it is those who are actively involved in this agenda that will experience a certain level of lifting. There is no more room for lazy Christianity! The difference will be very clear in 2016 between those who genuinely serve their God and those who care less.

3. God is raising an army of giants. And He is strategically looking for men and woman who will pursue His agenda without looking back. Remember we are taking down the mountains of religion, family, media, government, education, economy and celebration, and you don’t want to miss out of the opportunity to be one of those privileged persons that God would use to exalt his kingdom above all these others. Please, find your place! I strongly recommend the book “7 mountain prophecy” by Johnny Enlow.

4. Lastly, It is good for a man that he should bear the yoke [of divine disciplinary dealings] in his youth.Lamentations 3:27 AMP. My mum and her friend are confident of their harvest season because they sowed and gave their children the best at the time. Don’t eat your seeds now. Life doesn’t end in your youth!

You can almost predict your harvest (future) from the kinds of seeds you sow in your present. Selah!

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