Spirituality: actions and not words

Sisters, that he knows the scriptures doesn’t mean that he is spiritual. Brothers, that she knows the scripture doesn’t mean that she is spiritual.

Spirituality is not in knowing the word but in doing the word. Even the devil knows the scriptures. Therefore let’s not be deceived.

Bishop Oyedepo said “the word you know only informs you. It is the word you do that transforms you.

Therefore, we need to really define what exactly we are looking out for when we say he or she must be “spiritual”. Do we want a talking Bible individual or a living Bible individual? The former knows the commandment: “thou shall not commit adultery”, infact preaches it, but doesn’t stop him/her from doing same. However, the latter knows the commandment and keeps it. He/she wouldn’t give selfish reasons why he/she should desire and lust after someone else’s partner.

While words may reflect the state of the heart, actions validates them. Therfore, be wise. Watch out for the actions and not the words.

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