Spiritual Accidents

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According to Wikipedia “An accident is an undesirable incidental and unplanned event that could have been prevented had circumstances leading up to the accident been recognized, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence”.

There are two key words in the above definition: recognized and acted upon. This means that it is not enough to recognize that a certain circumstance could lead to an accident, one must take a step further to act upon the information in order to avert the accident.

In our walk with God, at one point or another, we must have experienced spiritual accidents. If we review the circumstances surrounding these accidents, we would discover that there were some signs that we ignored. Our personal police: “Conscience”, was restless, it kept sending danger signals, but we ignored it totally.

Sin (the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life) is the major cause of spiritual accidents. Once we can avoid it, we can be sure of a smooth flight with God. We must make extra conscious efforts to live a righteous life by relying more on the Grace that multiplies our personal efforts towards discipline. It takes grace and discipline to turn down an invite to a close friend’s party, because you know that attending it would get you entangled in some ungodly acts. It takes grace and discipline not just to set physical touch boundaries but to uphold it, when you and your partner have physical touch as a dominant love language.

The truth is this: until we stop loving the pleasures of sin, we cannot overcome sin. I will tell a lie only because I enjoy the temporary benefit of escaping punishment or something else. I will masturbate or fornicate only because I enjoy the pleasure from the act. I will cheat on my partner only because I enjoy the company of the other person. I will steal only because I want that property to be mine. Bishop David Abioye said “you cannot dominate what you don’t despise”. If we don’t despise sin, we cannot dominate it.

As we go through the year, let us recognize circumstances that could cost us our eternity with God, and avoid it totally. Happy new year!




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