The Assumption Zone: A Dangerous Zone

I went to a new facility and I needed to use the ladies. So I went down the hall and saw the toilet sign hanging on the door. Two women were ahead of me, but I was able to get a glimpse of what it looked like inside. Inside, there were two other doors, one for males, the other for females. So, immediately I assumed that it was just one toilet each for both genders, and since there were already two women ahead of me, I also assumed that one would go in and the other would stay in the corridor.

I stood outside wondering why no one had come out yet, and almost immediately, two cleaners came outside, one male and one female. I was surprised, but still assumed that all the while the two women had been waiting in the corridor while the female cleaner cleaned the toilet.

My dear, after standing for about 10minutes, I became tired of waiting. I had a class for 8:00am and it was already 8:05am. Therefore, I decided to open the door and see what was happening inside. Alas! no one was waiting in the corridor. Anh anh, two people can’t use the same toilet I suppose? So I decided to open the female toilet door and I discovered that there were 3 other toilet doors inside. Bunmi, look at you! You can assume for Africa. Lol!


Many times we assume a lot of things. Some of us assume that we are bornagain because we go to church every Sunday. Some of us assume that we don’t need to confess our sins because we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus or Grace has covered it. Some of us assume that God is partial. Assumption they say is the mother of frustration, the least form of knowledge and highest form of ignorance.

Therefore, eliminate every assumption by taking a step to voraciously seek insights from the word of God. Let there be a burning desire to be filled with the knowledge of God until it becomes a consuming obsession. Only then can you truly experience God and as a result begin to maximize the gifts and callings of God upon your life. Please don’t stay so long in the assumption zone, it’s a dangerous zone to be in.

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