Value Relationships

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Somebody I know was about changing jobs from one organization to another. However, her current employer didn’t find the news pleasant, and so began to propose to match the offer of the new company she was going to. The question is this: why did they not deem it fit all the while to convert or promote her when they knew she was a valuable employee?

Many of us operate this way. We don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it. You verbally abuse your husband because you know he is so soft and it would never cross his mind to put you in your place, you beat your wife up because you know she will never react. You cheat on your girlfriend, because you know she loves you too much to break up with you, you disrespect your boyfriend because he is on the gentle side.

One day, the table would turn around, and it would be too late to say you are sorry, too late to remind him/her of your marriage vows, too late to tell him/her that he/she is your world and that those people who seem to give you certain pleasures now are the worst mistakes of your life.

In 2016, value your relationships. Don’t take anyone for granted. Identify your support structures i.e wife, husband, children, parents, siblings, team members, close friends, and treat them right. These are people that if anything goes wrong with you, they will be directly impacted by your wrong choices.

Never forget this: that girlfriend had many other suitors pleading, some even praying to have her, but she chose you because she believed in your ‘manifesto’. Be responsible enough to live up to that expectation. That husband or wife had many others on his/her list, but he/she decided to commit to spending forever with you, please respect that choice and never allow them to ever wish they had said yes to another man or woman.

The great King Solomon, after all his life’s adventure said: “all is vanity”. Remember this: the assumption zone is a dangerous zone to stay in. Therefore, stop assuming that the people you mistreat will remain there with you forever. It’s only a matter of time before you became past tense in their lives.

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