God’s Instructions May Never Add Up

Each time I remember this personal experience, I usually laugh so hard that people around me would wonder if I was alright. I was in Junior Secondary School, and on one occasion, somebody sold ‘zobo’ to me. Zobo is a slang that is used to describe a false statement or story.

The zobo goes thus: “when you see a rat, if you scream ‘snake’, the rat would become glued to the ground, and then you can quickly take action to kill it. Also, when you see a snake, if you scream ‘rat’, it would become inactive and then you can quickly kill it.”

On this fateful day, I was in my compound and the opportunity came to test the new knowledge. Lol! I saw this very big rat, and I started screaming “snake” non stop. The louder I screamed, the faster the rat took to its heels. Lol! Apparently, my uncle heard my “distress” call and rushed out with a stick to kill the supposed snake. But unfortunately there was no snake and even the rat didn’t stay glued to the ground as I was made to believe. I had to apologize and explain what had happened. I am sure my uncle would have beaten the hell out of me, but for God’s mercy, I was spared. Lol!!!


In our walk with God, let us adopt the innocence of a child. Children are the easiest group to convince, and once they are convinced it would take a whole lot of energy and reorientation to unconvince that child.

For a fact, no adult would have believed the story I was told because it doesn’t just add up. My screaming alone should make the animals take to their heels and not remain glued to the ground. But, as a child, I believed it, and was so eager to practice it.

God’s instructions may never add up, trust me. He told Abraham to go and sacrifice his only son, the child of promise. It didn’t add up at the time, but Abraham acted on the instruction and he received an irrevocable blessing. The servants at the wedding ceremony at Cana of Galilee were asked to fetch the water from the jar and present it before the master of ceremony. It didn’t add up, but they obeyed, and by the time it was being tasted it became the sweetest wine ever.

If we are waiting for God’s instructions to add up, we will wait forever. What God demands is Obedience. Until we obey completely, God is not committed to make happen His promise.

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