Refuse to be Deceived

Some months back I read a very controversial Christian article. It didn’t settle down well in my spirit, but another part of me was saying “shebi” the writer backed it up with scriptures so it must be true. I reached out to a very dear friend to hear his own view, and this was what he told me: “If we wanna say Satan is God, we could locate scriptures to back it up too, actually”. That answer was what I needed to hear. Very apt!rejection

Of late, different types of doctrines have risen and you will be shocked at the very accurate explanations and references from the Bible. Sometimes I have to go and check the Bible again to see if the scriptures referenced are indeed true. Alas! They are true oo. But thank God for the Holyspirit! The spirit of Truth!

The trap I see the devil using these days is making Christians read/interpret scriptures in isolation. Any scripture you receive that cannot be confirmed by another scripture. Henn, pleaseeee be kiaful. E fit be scam.

See how the devil tried to scam Jesus in Matthew 4:6 (NLT) “if you are the Son of God, jump off! For the scriptures say, “He will order his angels to protect you. And they will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone”. Chai! See this wayo devil. Thank God Jesus knew better! Jesus responded: “the scriptures also say, ‘you must not test the Lord your God’. Epic response 💯💯. Please friends, let’s put the phrase: THE SCRIPTURES ALSO SAY at the front (not back) of our minds.

The devil is shrewd. He is a master schemer. He knows you will not look at his side if he brings something outside the scriptures. So he brings his game to where you feel comfortable and at ease. Where you are least likely to suspect his evil plans.

He capitalized on God’s word to get Eve to eat the fruit that caused man to fall. He was going to use the same format on Jesus but He failed.

We cannot single out a scripture and sugar coat it until it makes us feel good, then ignore other verses. The Bible is complete and God can never contradict Himself. If you think two scriptures are contradicting themselves, look well and you will find your answer from another scripture.

The bottom line is this: Jesus would have been obeying God’s word if he had given in to the devil’s second temptation, but He would have lost it like Adam and Eve did. Glory to God! He won forever. The scripture is written for our benefit but we must apply wisdom. One simple wisdom is CROSS REFERENCING. Don’t isolate one verse and begin to make conclusions. You should weigh it side by side other scriptures and allow God’s Spirit to open your eyes to the TRUTH.

Refuse to be deceived…. A simple “the scriptures also say…” can save you from falling. BEWARE!!!

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